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  • QuickScan L QD2300

    Wider scan angle for longer code reading. User replaceable scan window. Multi-interface solution for the most popular interfaces. Supports GS1 DataBar™ linear codes

  • Magellan 800i

    Aggressive performance on 1D and 2D codes increases productivity. Powerful Advanced Data Editing for custom host output. No moving parts for improved reliability. Illumix™ intelligent illumination technology for reading bar codes from mobile phones or laptops. Ergonomically designed for hands-free or handheld operation

  • Gryphon I GD4100

    The Gryphon I GD4100 readers offer a choice of two sets of multi-interface options: USB, Keyboard Wedge, RS-232 and Wand Emulation, or for use in point-of-sale (POS) environments, IBM 46XX, USB and RS-232.

  • QuickScan I Lite QW2100

    A specially designed stand has been created for the QW2100 imager which is light in weight, collapsible to use as a holder instead of a stand, and also has a ‘tiltable head’ for various angle settings.

  • Z-6170

    Elegant and functional, Innova provides extraordinary decoding ability with 20-line laser beams at 1,400 scans per second. Its distinctive form factor and color leads the trend to the next aesthetical level. The unique suction cup design allows fixing the scanner to smooth counter without making damages.

  • MT-8015

    MT8010 is a kind of streamline, fashion and excellent mechanical design, besides its slim and compact housing with light weight, the polished surface is easy to clean after use.

  • MT-7945

    Marson MT7940 also has outstanding reading performance of up to PCS 30% barcode readability, and supports all major 1D barcodes in the market, and is able to read high density barcode of 3 mil.

  • MT-7937

    Marson MT7937 Wireless CCD Barcode Scanner integrated a high performance CCD engine for 1D barcode Symbologies scanning without a cable limitation.

  • MT-7920

    • Omni-directional scanning of 1D and 2D bar codes • Durable, compact size for hassle-free integration • Available in Standard and High Density • Fully compatible with Intermec’s family of decoded scan engines

  • MT-2208

    1D laser handheld scanner 100 times per second USB, RS232 & PS/2 interface

  • Eclipse 5145

    The 5145 Eclipse™ is a single-line, hand-held laser scanner. Honeywell’s patented CodeGate® technology allows the user to easily target the desired bar code and complete data transmission with a simple press of a button, making Eclipse a perfect selection for menu scanning, point-of-sale, document processing and inventory control