The TM-T88IV is the high-speed thermal receipt printer with compact design and improved printing performance that is the powerful successor to the TM-T88III. Built with all the advantages of the TM-T88III, the TM-T88IV provides faster printing and the same high reliability, and is ideal for high-volume retail and hospitality environments that require fast and quiet printing.

Fully compatible with the TM-T88III

The TM-T88IV has all the benefits of the TM-T88III with improved performance.

Fast and versatile printing

The TM-T88IV prints receipt at speeds of up to 200 mm per second for both text and graphics - 30% faster than the TM-T88III. With two-color*, advanced graphic and barcode (PDF417 and QR code) printing capability, this printer provides highly customized receipts including logos and promotional messages. Its flexible page mode gives you a choice of receipt layouts. *Max. two-color printing speed is 100 mm/sec. *To print in two colors, users must load dedicated thermal paper and set the printer to the two-color printing mode.

Easy operation

Drop-in paper loading and standard autocutter provide easy user operation.

High reliability

With an MCBF of 52 million lines of receipt printing, the TM-T88IV delivers outstanding reliability that is rugged enough for the high-volume environments.

Compact design

The TM-T88IV has a small footprint that allows for flexible placement on your counter or wall using an optional wall-hanging bracket, freeing up valuable counter space. Furthermore, the TM-T88IV offers an improved paper cover design for increased spill resistance. Two case colors (Epson Cool White or Epson Dark Gray) are available to suit your needs.