The TM-T88V is the high-speed thermal receipt printer with compact design and improved printing performance that is the powerful successor to the TM-T88IV. Built with all the advantages of the TM-T88IV, the TM-T88V provides faster printing and the same high reliability, and is ideal for high-volume retail and hospitality environments that require fast and quiet printing.
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    Upward compatible with the TM-T88IV
    The TM-T88V has all the benefits of the TM-T88IV with improved performance.

    You can replace a printer with the TM-T88V without changing your application in any environment in which a TM-T88III driver or later is already installed.

    Easy operation
    Drop-in paper loading and standard autocutter provide easy user operation.

    High reliability
    With an MCBF of 70 million lines of receipt printing, the TM-T88V delivers outstanding reliability that is rugged enough for high-volume environments.

    Compact design
    The TM-T88V has a small footprint that allows for flexible placement on your counter (or wall using an optional wall-hanging bracket), freeing up valuable counter space. Furthermore, the TM-T88V offers an improved paper cover design for increased spill resistance. Two case colors (Epson Cool White or Epson Dark Gray) are available to suit your needs.

    TM-T88V has an original TM-T88V Utility and Software Installer. They have more useful functions (driver/utility installation, the logo registration, and the printer setting) than ever. Also you can reduce the line feed spacing of receipt, height of bar code, and extra paper feed without changing your application by applying the functions of the TM-T88V Utility, such as Auto Reduce Paper or Top Margin Less. As a result, you can reduce the cost of paper and the effects on the environment.