Toshiba SurePOS 700


    The award-winning, energy-efficient SurePOS™ 700 is IBM’s most powerful point-of-sale system, delivering maximum performance, serviceability, energy efficiency and adaptability to drive today's smarter store solutions.
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    Elevate customer service like never before
    The IBM SurePOS™ 700 is the industry’s premier point-of-sale solution for enabling high-quality business applications and services while reducing costs and complexity. Designed for retail, the IBM SurePOS 700 has the muscle for fast transactions and the brains to deliver unparalleled value.

    Streamline operations and lower costs
    The intelligent system features IBM Light-Path Management visual indicators that proactively monitor system status and IBM Remote Management Agent (RMA) to provide systems management locally or remotely. Tool-free serviceability and front access allow simple parts replacement to be made easily by authorized store employees or trained personnel, reducing service costs.
    Highly efficient Intel processors mean new models speed checkout while enabling advanced business applications. New models are also substantially more energy efficient. And with deep sleep automation, power savings improve another 47 percent.

    Maintain data while mitigating risk
    Built-in features on the IBM SurePOS 700 enable hardware encryption and physical system security. An optional biometric fingerprint reader on modular keyboards prevents unauthorized access. The instrumented solution allows retailers to install security patches, software updates, firmware levels and BIOS updates automatically by leveraging
    RMA. More world-class security and data privacy solutions are available through IBM and Business Partners, as well as the National Retail Services Center (NRSC).Future-ready so your enterprise can adapt, extend and grow, securely and nondisruptively, the modular, convertible design and standards-based platform make the flagship system totally flexible and easily upgradeable. Retail hardened construction and availability of IBM service up to seven years after market withdrawal insure high uptime and long-term reliability.